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The Library supports the research needs of the Gwinnett County Judicial Circuit and county employees, Bar Associations of Gwinnett County and Gwinnett County litigants. The public may also use the library to do research. The library staff provides assistance in finding appropriate materials and suggesting possible resources.


 The staff may not give advice or interpretation about specific legal situations which might constitute the unauthorized practice of law. The library has compiled guides on some common topics, such as name change, the Georgia "lemon law", legitimization and the Teenage and Adult Drive Responsibility Act. The collection covers Georgia and Federal law as well as case law from other states. The library maintains treatises covering popular subject areas.


The Library is open to the public for general use. After-hour access is available to attorneys in good standing. After-hours access is restricted to those hours in which the building itself is open. A keycard is required for after-hours access and is nontransferable. The keycard cost is $50 per year per individual attorney, which is prorated during the calendar year.


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In 1988, the judges of Gwinnett County approved a Law Library to support the research needs of the Gwinnett County Judicial Circuit and county employees, Bar Associations of Gwinnett County, Gwinnett County litigants and the general public. As the Law Library is funded by court filing fees, it is truly supported by that part of the community that uses the legal/court system.


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Gwinnett County attorneys may check out books, except for books in the Georgia section, for 48 hours.


Attorneys may sign up for the Law Library after-hours cards which gives expanded access to the Law Library. There is a $50.00 annual fee for the card.



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